How to Fix Common Heat Pump Problems

How to Fix Common Heat Pump Problems - 01/30/2023

A heat pump is a common HVAC unit that helps keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Like any other appliance, however, heat pumps can develop problems over time.

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Common Signs of Poor Ventilation

What Are Some Common Signs of Poor Ventilation? - 01/30/2023

Did you know that ventilation is key to comfort? If there is poor ventilation in house areas, your home can become quickly overwhelmed with moisture and heat.

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Do You Need a Humidifier in the Winter?

Signs You Need a Humidifier - 01/30/2023

>Cold weather can bring many challenges to homeowners in Indiana. From repairs to heating systems to ensure they are ready for the cold nights, to ensuring your pipes don’t freeze, Indiana residents are constantly doing things to prepare their homes for winter.

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Heat Pump Vs AC: Which Is Right for Me?

Should I Buy a Heat Pump or an Air Conditioner? - 01/30/2023

Deciding between a heat pump vs air conditioner can be a daunting task for homeowners. Both systems have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and choosing the right one for your home can be tough if you don’t know much about them.

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How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Improve Your Family's Health With Indoor Air Quality Solutions - 01/30/2023

As a homeowner, you want to create a home environment that will keep your family healthy and safe. While you might think that the outside air is more hazardous than the air inside your home, that's not always the case.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work in the Winter?

How Does a Heat Pump Provide Heat During the Winter? - 01/30/2023

As winter approaches, many homeowners often wonder: how does a heat pump work in the winter? How does a heat pump transfer heat from the outside to the inside of your home?

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How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Professional Air Duct Cleaning - 01/30/2023

Often out of sight and out of mind, most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their home’s ductwork. It’s usually located behind walls, in the attic, or crawlspace of a home.

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What Are the Different Types of Furnace Filters?

What's the Best Type of HVAC Filter for Your Home? - 01/30/2023

It’ll soon be that time of year when your furnace is working overtime to keep your home warm. With the heating season approaching, this also means it’s time to replace your furnace filter.

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What Is a Good AFUE Rating?

What Does an AFUE Rating Mean? - 01/30/2023

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is full of acronyms that many homeowners may not know or understand. While some are less important than others, it’s a good idea to know what a few of them mean before shopping for new HVAC equipment.

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What Is an Air Handler and How Does It Work?

How Does an Air Handler Work? - 01/30/2023

Many homeowners wonder, “what is an air handler?” If you’re one of them, you’re not alone. Many people have never heard of this important piece of HVAC equipment.

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How Does a Whole House UV Light Air Purifier Work?

The indoor air quality specialists at A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling explain how a UV light air purifier works and the benefits of having one installed. - 01/30/2023

Trying to determine how healthy your indoor air supply is can be difficult.

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Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Important

What Are the Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance? - 01/30/2023

Summertime means hot, sweaty weather – and for many homeowners, that also means cranking up the air conditioning. Just like any other piece of machinery in your home, your AC needs regular maintenance to keep it running properly and to keep you cool.

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Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

The heating and cooling professionals at A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling explain what causes an air conditioner to leak and how to fix these issues. - 01/30/2023

Water leaks can be a major source of damage to your home – not to mention your pocketbook.

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Why Is My Furnace Making a Grinding Noise?

What Causes a Furnace to Make a Grinding Noise? - 01/30/2023

Is your furnace grinding away every time it runs? If so, you're not alone.

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Why Is My Heat Pump Short Cycling?

Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Short Cycling - 01/30/2023

Heat pump short cycling is a common problem that occurs when a heat pump turns on and off frequently, running for only a few minutes at a time.

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Why You Need HVAC Maintenance

The Benefits of Regular Heating and Cooling Maintenance - 01/30/2023

Heating and cooling system maintenance is crucial to keeping your HVAC system running smoothly all year long.

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