How to Fix Common Heat Pump Problems

How to Fix Common Heat Pump Problems

A heat pump is a common HVAC unit that helps keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Like any other appliance, however, heat pumps can develop problems over time. A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling discusses some of the most common heat pump problems you may experience this season and how to fix them.

Problem: The Heat Pump Runs Constantly

Is your heat pump constantly running? If it is, you're not alone. This is one of the most common problems with heat pump systems. There are a few heat pump troubleshooting tips to hopefully fix the issue.

  • The first place to start is with your thermostat. The settings may be too low, forcing the unit to run longer cycles – this is quite common on extremely hot days. Make sure the temperature is set to 78 degrees and leave the thermostat alone for a few hours. Then, you can lower the temperature by a few degrees at a time until the heat pump achieves a comfortable, cool indoor temperature for your family.
  • Another common cause of this problem is a dirty air filter. Check the filter and replace it if needed.
  • If the problem still persists, dirt and grime on the coils can restrict performance. Turn off power to the HVAC system and check the condition of indoor and outdoor coils. Clean coils if needed.

Problem: The Heat Pump Is Short Cycling

Another common heat pump system problem is short cycling. Short cycling is when the cooling cycles don’t last as long as they should. Repeated system starts and stops can result in heat pump damage and discomfort indoors.

  • Short cycling can occur if the system is overheating due to a dirty filter. Check the filter and replace it if it is clogged.
  • Another common issue is that the thermostat isn't calibrated properly. Without proper calibration, it will not control the heat pump properly. Test calibration with a thermometer – if the temperature readings are different, have the thermostat recalibrated or replaced if necessary.

Problem: The Heat Pump Is Not Providing Enough Cool Air

Another one of the more common heat pump problems is when they do not provide enough cool air. This can be due to a dirty filter, blockage of the outdoor unit, or dirty condenser coils.

  • If the airflow is restricted, the first thing you should do is check and replace the filter if needed.
  • If the outdoor unit is blocked by debris, clean away matter stuck to the fins of the unit.
  • If the condenser coils are dirty, clean them off.

Problem: The Heat Pump Is Not Turning On

If your heat pump isn't turning on, there are a few things you can check.

  • Make sure the thermostat has power - change batteries or reset a tripped breaker for hardwired thermostats.
  • The indoor and outdoor units may not have power. Check breakers and reset any that have tripped. Make sure the ON/OFF switch on or nearby the unit is turned to ON.
  • The unit may have overheated due to a clogged filter and must cool down before it can restart. Check the filter's condition and replace it if needed.

Problem: The Heat Pump Is Leaking Water

If you notice water leaking around your heat pump, the first thing you should do is check the drain pan for any damage. If it's damaged, you'll need to replace it. If the drain pan is clean and in good condition, the next step is to remove any clogs from the condensate drain line. You can do this using a cleaning brush or a wet/dry vacuum. However, it's usually best to have a professional HVAC technician handle this issue.

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While a heat pump is a great option for people who want to save money on their energy bills, heat pump problems are still a possibility. If you’re having problems with your heat pump, be sure to try these tips to see if you can solve the problem yourself. If your heat pump problems cannot be fixed through troubleshooting, call A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling today to schedule heat pump repairs.

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