Commercial HVAC Repair

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

Your customers, employees and others rely on a comfortable environment at your business. When you have problems with your heating or cooling system, everything can come to a standstill, including employee productivity and business in general.

When it comes to your business’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, you must choose a company you trust that can provide you with quality service and products. At A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling, we have the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise for all of your commercial HVAC repair needs, and our services are top-notch.

Types Of Commercial HVAC Systems

At A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling, we have training and expertise in repairing many commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including newer models and ones that have seen more than a few years of use.

Traditional HVAC Systems

Our knowledgeable technicians are familiar with traditional HVAC systems that keep your commercial climate comfortable year-round. Hundreds of different components are working together to make your business comfortable. When one breaks down, we’ll find the problem and fix it quickly. And, if your older HVAC system reaches the end of its useful life, we can recommend and install a modern, efficient heating and cooling system that will last for many years.

Building Automation

Do you have a smart building with interconnected systems? If you have your heating and cooling system automated, you can control it remotely and make adjustments without being on site. This is ideal for busy commercial property managers and owners, until something goes wrong. Our savvy HVAC technicians can troubleshoot problems with HVAC automation, and we can even automate your traditional system.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a great impact on your business atmosphere. If you don’t have proper ventilation or the air is musty or overly dry, your employees will not feel comfortable, and you will face many complaints from your customers or visitors. Poor indoor air quality also makes it more likely people will get sick or sicker when they visit your place of business. Beyond traditional repairs we offer air purifiers, dehumidifiers and other air quality services. At A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling, we have made it our mission to help companies and individuals breathe a little easier with exceptional air quality services.

Geothermal Innovation

If you want to show that you care about the environment and the people on our planet, embracing geothermal innovation can help you make a positive impression on your customers and clients. We can help you learn more about these systems, perform the installation and provide geothermal heating and cooling system repairs.

Flow Zoning

Do you currently have hot and cold spots in your business? Refrigerant flow zoning allows you to make the necessary adjustments in different areas. Using the variable refrigerant flow zoning system, you will get the temperature you wish by pressing a button. Whether you need a new system installed or troubleshooting for your current flow zoning setup, we are happy to find and correct the problem.

Indications Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairs

So, how do you know if your HVAC commercial system needs to be adjusted? There are a few problems you may notice.

Short Cycling

What does “short cycling” mean? This means your HVAC system keeps turning on and off before fully completing a cycle, which can drive up your energy bills and shorten the life of your system. The HVAC system should run efficiently without going through this process, and short cycling may indicate that you need HVAC repairs.

Strange Noises or Smells

Certain noises and smells are not normal and can indicate something is wrong with your system. Do not ignore them, as it is a sign that you may need commercial HVAC repairs. So, call our team for prompt and courteous service. We’ll explain what’s going on and provide all your options in clear language designed to help you make an informed decision.

Decreased Output

A failing commercial heating and cooling system can cause employees and customers to become ill and create an environment detrimental to your inventory, supplies and equipment. We can improve the performance of your heating and cooling system, and we can also help you maintain it for efficient use for years to come.

Rising Humidity

Humidity is a major factor in how your heating and cooling system works. As your heating and cooling system operates, it helps control the humidity level of your building. Excess humidity can lead to mold growth and serious health and structural problems. If you notice excess humidity in your building, your heating and cooling system may not be working properly. We can check your unit and fix the problem to get your humidity levels under control.

Rising Energy Costs

Energy bills can be a real eye-opener. Your business’ HVAC system impacts your monthly energy costs. If you notice that your energy bills are going up, it’s important to have the heating and cooling systems inspected.

Why Trust A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling for Commercial HVAC Repair Services?

A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling proudly provides HVAC repair services in the Indianapolis area. No matter what type of commercial HVAC system you have, we can service it. We have the skills and the expertise to keep your system running at its peak.

  • Fully Licensed & Insured: Our technicians are properly licensed and insured, which is a testament to our dedication to the field.
  • Ultra-Competitive Rates: You can trust that we will provide you with the best quality service at ultra-competitive rates.
  • Quality Work: We stay up to date on the latest information in our field to give our technicians the best training possible. This allows us to provide you with the quality service you deserve.
  • Emergency Service: We offer 24-hour emergency services, so don’t hesitate to call us in the middle of the night if you find yourself in a dire situation.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We have a more than 99% customer satisfaction rate. Our technicians go above and beyond for each client who chooses to work with us.

Trust A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling for Commercial HVAC Repair Services

A Perfect Climate Heating & Cooling can offer your company a full range of commercial HVAC needs in the greater Indianapolis areas, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you. Please contact us anytime if you need assistance with your commercial HVAC repair.